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Automotive-grade Linux standard reference platform uses Renesas Electronics R-Car Starter Kit to accelerate next-generation connected cars


Tokyo, Japan, May 24, 2017 - Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), a leading global semiconductor solutions provider, today announced that automotive-grade Linux (AGL) has adopted the R-Car Starter Kit as its software. Adopted by the standard reference software platform developed. AGL is a collaborative open source project that brings together automotive manufacturers, suppliers and technology companies to build a Linux-based open software platform for automotive applications that can serve as an industry standard for practical applications. The Renesas R-Car Starter Kit makes it easy for software developers to get the software and hardware environment they run the project to quickly and easily develop in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) applications for next-generation connected cars.

Automotive-grade Linux standard reference platform uses Renesas Electronics R-Car Starter Kit

The R-Car Starter Kit supports the Unified Code Base (UCB) 3.0 released by the AGL project in January 2017. The R-Car Starter Kit also supports the latest 64-bit software development environment, unlike the previous 32-bit environment, which allows the latest IT solutions, including container technology (Note 1), to be seamlessly applied to automotive applications.

In addition, two IVI development expansion boards that can be used with the R-Car Starter Kit and developed by Renesas Electronics Partners (Note 2) will be available in July 2017. The standard expansion board includes multiple displays and different types of network interfaces, and the advanced kit provides an interface that can be expanded to up to eight camera inputs and high-speed/large-capacity storage channels.

Software developers can easily develop IVI software and optimize for IVI development by bringing the latest software development environment platform as an industry standard. Supported by Renesas Electronics' free software library and R-Car ecosystem of more than 190 companies, the platform enables software developers to quickly develop IVI applications and reduce costs.

Renesas Electronics will participate in the Automotive Linux Summit (ALS) at the Tokyo Convention Center on May 31, 2017 as a Gold Sponsor. In addition to showcasing the latest AGL development environment, Renesas Electronics will also showcase its state-of-the-art connected car cockpit connected to cloud IT services.

Automotive-level Linux, Linux FoundaTIon Executive Director Dan Cauchy said: "Renesas is an active supporter of open source development, fully anticipating that automotive-grade Linux will have a rapid innovation impact on the development of the entire industry. Adoption as our standard reference platform One of the Renesas Electronics R-Car Starter Kits, developers will be able to quickly and easily develop applications using AGL Unified Code Base."

Suzuki Masahiro, Vice President of Renesas Electronics Automotive Solutions, said: "I am very pleased that our R-Car Starter Kit is being used as one of the standard reference platforms for creating AGL projects that are the industry standard for advanced open source software. Software Developers R-Car Starter Kit hardware and AGL Unified Code Base are now available, enabling them to focus on developing higher levels of professional software. Renesas Electronics hopes to contribute to accelerating IVI development innovation across the industry."

(Note 1) A container is a type of virtualization technology that is incorporated into a system that is integrated with the execution environment required by the application. In recent years, this technology has received a lot of attention because IT technology can significantly reduce software management costs.

· (Note 2) Products of SHIMAFUJI Electric Incorporated

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